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Chiropractic Helping Heroes

The goal of neurologically based chiropractic care is to aid the body in healing from the inside out, as well as preventing future issues. Our veterans and active military personnel have one of the most demanding occupations out there, both physically and mentally. Sadly, many veterans are prescribed copious amounts of medication to deal with the repercussions of their profession.

It is extremely common for veterans to deal with a multitude of issues, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse problems.  Thankfully, chiropractic can give these heroes another option. Getting adjusted works to address each problem at the source instead of just temporarily alleviating a symptom.

Research even shows that veterans who received chiropractic adjustments decreased opioid usage within the first month of starting care!  The brave men and women who serve our country deserve the highest respect and honor we can give.  Chiropractic allows them to have less pain, less medication and risk of addiction, and a better quality of life!

“I am progressively feeling and functioning better!”

I have had low back pain and neck pain for years. I tried injections, NSAIDS and other medications to help with the pain. I received little results from the medications and needed to find somewhere that could help. I never doubted that chiropractic care could help. Since starting care at Integral Chiropractic I have progressively felt better, as well as functioned better! I love the new insight Dr. Micheal always gives me. My son receives care in the office as well. I am thankful I started care. I am now off my pain meds and feeling so good.

– Shawn S.


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