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Research shows that low back pain affects 84% of the population. Sometimes it’s not always a particular event that causes the pain or dysfunction, but small, daily habits or occurrences that build up over time. Just because we don’t “feel pain” doesn’t mean there’s not underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Besides aiding in alleviating pain and issues in the body, neurologically based chiropractic care provides vitalistic care that prevents future problems as well. The time to start care is not necessarily when you’re older and have a multitude of dysfunction and pain, even though we can see wonderful improvement.  However, The sooner we start care, the better! Countless infants, children, and teens are helped and able to “nip in the bud” many problems that could affect their adulthood.

It is so much easier to prevent problems than fix them, and the same is true with our bodies and chiropractic.

“I am so glad I gave Chiropractic Care a chance!”

I had been struggling with upper back pain and pain down my right arm for weeks. It was very painful, and the pain was always present. I could never seem to find a comfortable position. I was taking Tylenol for it regularly. I had doubts about starting care, but I was willing to try anything versus taking pain medication. I am so glad I gave chiropractic care a chance. Within three adjustments my pain was a lot better; after a month, the pain was completely gone! I feel great! I am also sleeping better and have much more energy. Everyone in the office is genuinely nice, personable, knowledgeable and professional. They truly treat you like you’re family. They care about your health and your wellbeing. I would definitely recommend chiropractic care; I enjoy every visit!

– Carole K.


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