Can Chiropractic Care Help with Colic?

If you have a baby, you know it can sometimes be hard to determine what their crying means. They use crying to communicate when they are hungry, tired, need a diaper change, or just want to be held. While this is normal behavior, some babies cry for a very long time and are inconsolable, which is a sign they may be suffering from colic. In addition to crying, a baby with colic may flex their legs, tense their abs, and clench their fists during crying fits; these crying fits can last hours and often can’t be alleviated with any normal solutions. Most colic kicks in around three weeks and ends around three months, but this can vary from baby to baby. If you are seeking relief for your baby’s colic, seeing a Chiropractor Johnson City TN may offer the help you are looking for.

What Helps Colic?

Colic doesn’t have a known cause, making it difficult to treat and identify. Many doctors recommend specific positions, diets, or medications to help alleviate symptoms, but their results will differ from baby to baby. However, chiropractic care can be a great option to bring relief to your baby. The light pressure of an adjustment can reduce stiffness and locked joints caused by colic, and overall health may improve from the elimination of any spinal misalignments. Because chiropractic care addresses the central nervous system, which controls all other systems in your baby’s body, its proper functioning can improve many ailments. Many believe that colic is related to intestinal or stomach issues, which chiropractic care can improve. A gentle adjustment at Integral Chiropractic in Johnson City may provide relief for your baby and yourself.

Chiropractic Care for Colic

In multiple studies, it has been shown that colic is improved with the introduction of chiropractic care. One study follows two groups of babies with colic, one receiving chiropractic care and the other not. The babies who received chiropractic care were twice as likely to cry less during the day and to sleep better at night. Not only did they have fewer symptoms of colic, but the benefits carried into their toddler stages as well, where they slept better and had fewer temper tantrums. Another study showed that out of 104 colicky babies, those who underwent chiropractic adjustments experienced decreased crying during the daytime. Many mothers report instant relief after a chiropractic adjustment, where their usually inconsolable baby will lie peacefully in their arms.

While some parents are hesitant to bring their child to a chiropractor, the specific and gentle adjustments are incredibly safe and effective for infants. Dr. Micheal Bryan and the team at Integral Chiropractic are extremely gentle in their approach with young practice members, focusing on light pressure and gentle impulses to the baby’s spine. Adjustments in infants are aimed at restoring motion to stiff joints and improving overall health in your child.

If your child seems to be colicky, make an appointment today with Dr. Micheal to begin alleviating the symptoms. Integral Chiropractic serves Johnson City, Kingsport, Jonesborough, and Greenville, TN.


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