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Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment in Johnson City, Tennessee

When you experience pain or numbness, you may not know who to see. Without a local advocate, you may not find the answer you deserve. The Tri-Cities TN is no different, especially with all the outdoor recreation available. Many people find themselves seeking out care plans for their health conditions and pain management needs. Our Wellness Center in Johnson City provides practical methods to help ease your daily discomfort. Wherever you feel pain, numbness, swelling, or other symptoms, we can assist you. No plan is complete without a visit to our office first. Contact us now to schedule your appointment with our experienced staff.

Your peripheral nerves are responsible for transmitting information from your brain to the rest of your body. When these nerves become damaged, it leads to having pain, muscle weakness, tingling and burning in those affected areas. In extreme cases, when left untreated, this can even cause paralysis and organ failure. A variety of factors can cause neuropathy, such as, diabetes, drug abuse, or chemotherapy. However, there are options available for your nerve pain. Integral Wellness Co. provides one of those solutions that has is 97% effective for qualified patients!

What is the best cure for Neuropathy?

While we can’t guarantee a full recovery, we can offer a trusted healing process. Our treatment is 97% effective for qualified candidates seeking better relief. Although some surgical treatments also exist, these often get used for physical injuries. Nerve damage caused by vitamin deficiencies or existing conditions don’t always qualify.

Instead, we take a more natural approach to treating your nerve pain, numbness, and swelling. Our hands-on diagnosis treatment approach stays safe, effective, and can be applied virtually anywhere. While not all patients will make a full recovery, we provide your greatest solution possible. Contact us to learn more about your options or to schedule your appointment.

The reason why a neuropathic chiropractor is an ideal choice is because we don’t just treat neuropathic pain. We focus on more than just the pain, but what continues to worsen it. Inflammation, sore muscles, joint pain, and other issues benefit significantly from our treatments. Because everyone’s condition is different, each session is tailored to your needs.

Our staff also informs you of potential exercises and drills to try at home. By treating your symptoms inside and out, we guarantee the relief you seek the most. When medications and surgeries can only offer so much assistance, we provide your best treatments. See why Johnson City patients continue to choose our staff for their healthcare needs.

When you select us as your healthcare provider, it means specialized care each time. Our staff uses the latest in medical detection technology to pinpoint your condition. Our Advocates go beyond basic chiropractic and spinal cord options, such as Torque Release Technique (TRT) methods. When applying our best practices to your symptoms, we guarantee better relief.

We know how painful your symptoms can become, and we treat each client with patience. Whichever areas hurt the most, we offer practical healing techniques.

Who Needs a Care Team?

Locating a neuropathy advocate isn’t always as simple as you had hoped. Thankfully, wherever you are in the Tri- Cities, we’re your top choice.

We understand that patients can have varying symptoms and healthcare needs. That is why we provide options that target your most affected areas. Even if you aren’t sure what is causing your discomfort, we may have your solution.

  • Gradual Numbness
  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Burning Sensations
  • Unusual Pain Responses
  • Coordination/Balance Concerns
  • Weak Muscles
  • Blood Pressure Changes
  • Heat Intolerance
  • And other frequent symptoms.

If you also find yourself exhausted and sore from your symptoms, contact us. Our neuropathy team is waiting to offer your top answers. 

What is Causing My Symptoms?

Based on the underlying source of your pain, neuropathy stays a treatable condition. Some patients may improve their symptoms, while others might experience them permanently. Although many cases arise from other health problems, some are the result of physical harm.

Motor vehicle accidents, sports-related injuries, and penetrating wounds can all cause these symptoms. Our staff works with many patients with a variety of backgrounds that led them here

  • Damaged Nerves
  • Compressed Nerves
  • Chemotherapy Treatments
  • Diabetes-Related Symptoms
  • Genetic Disposition
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Damaged Organs
  • Poor Dietary Habits
  • Physical Trauma
  • And other common causes.

Whatever the reason for your daily discomfort, we are confident that we can help. Schedule your consultation now with our experienced healthcare providers. 

What is Your Neuropathy Peripheral Treatment Plan?

Those who experience pain, numbness, and burning should craft a neuropathy care plan now. Without one, you aren’t always sure what to do when your symptoms hurt most. Instead, knowing what to do before things worsen helps you keep your head. Our healthcare professionals also assist you with preparing for future flare ups.

While not all patients will have these exact requirements, most care plans look similar. You should include several necessary items when creating yours, such as:

  • Prescription Schedule
  • Dietary Planning
  • Daily Exercise
  • Glucose Monitoring
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Decrease Smoking Habits
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Mobility Devices
  • Physical Therapy
  • Surgical Procedures
  • And other items.

Whether you have lived with neuropathy a while or it’s a new diagnosis, contact us. We offer the care you need the most in treating your chronic pain symptoms.

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What is the Difference Between a Typical “Chiropractor” and a “Neuropathy Advocate”?

Many patients seem surprised to hear that Chiropractors offer peripheral neuropathy solutions that can assist with their condition. Yet, it’s important to know that not all care plans are the right choice for your nerve damage.

Your neuropathy symptoms live in your peripheral nervous system, the areas that aren’t brains or spines. Because they don’t connect to the central nervous system, they don’t stay protected.

Our team can quickly and safely soothe these nerve bundles and underlying inflammation. As a result your swelling, pain, and numbness could subside or even cease.    

It takes specialized training and experience to offer the relief you need the most. Make sure you receive the top solution possible and schedule an appointment with our chiropractor today.

Neuropathy Treatment Near Me in Johnson City, TN

No matter how much discomfort and side effects you have, we know how to treat it. Meet with our team when you need to most. You don’t have to keep suffering in silence because we offer you the best treatment for neuropathy. Choose Integral Wellness Co. now for your foremost nerve damage options.