Chiropractic Care & Diabetes

Nearly 10% of the United States population is suffering from diabetes, and another one-third of the population has been diagnosed with prediabetes. Particularly when taking these numbers into account, diabetes is a very serious health issue and can be debilitating to those living with the disease. There are two main types of diabetes: Type 1 is caused by a natural lack of insulin and Type 2 is caused by a poor reaction to insulin. In both cases, however, diabetes is ultimately about high blood sugar levels that can result in chronic and acute health problems. For most people, treating diabetes involves monitoring their nutrition and exercise levels, as well as taking medication and doing insulin injections. Since there is no cure, managing diabetes can be an overwhelming and expensive burden. You may be surprised to learn that a Chiropractor in Johnson City can offer safe and natural chiropractic care that can lead to a better quality of life for diabetics and can sometimes even help individuals to get rid of diabetes completely.

Preventing Diabetes

While Type 1 diabetes often begins due to genetic factors, Type 2 can be directly caused by particular behaviors. The most significant risk factors for Type 2, which is more common, include being inactive and being overweight. By eating a healthy diet and maintaining an active lifestyle, you can prevent diabetes and encourage the same in others. The goal of these actions is to improve optimal functioning of your body, including things like the metabolic and digestive systems, which can also be improved under the care of Dr. Micheal Bryan and regular chiropractic adjustments. Diabetes can lead to other health issues, particularly in the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and feet, and seeking preventative care for diabetes can also be a first step toward preventing these related ailments.

Improving Diabetes Outcomes

Because diabetes is tied to overall health, chiropractic care can have a positive effect on the disease in many ways. A 2011 study showed that in a child with Type 1 diabetes, regular chiropractic care led to a decrease in unhealthy blood sugar levels. Similar results were shown in a study of a 46-year-old whose diabetes and associated chronic pain were improved with chiropractic care. While diabetics will likely still rely on medication for insulin regulation, the safe and natural care of a chiropractor can often alleviate related symptoms that require additional medications. In some instances, however, positive lifestyle changes paired with chiropractic can actually reverse diabetes and eliminate it from the list of health concerns. Chiropractic care is about wellness, but it also helps the body function better and regulate processes more effectively. Additionally, focusing on the seventh thoracic vertebra, also known as T7, can have a direct effect on diabetes, as the vertebra connects directly to the pancreas. Even a small misalignment here can have major effects on the body, but a chiropractic adjustment can help significantly.

Whether you are trying to prevent diabetes, address prediabetes, or manage Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, scheduling an appointment with Dr. Micheal Bryan at Integral Chiropractic is the first step toward better health.


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