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Autoimmune Treatment in Johnson City, Tennessee

Metabolic health is important to an individuals health because it can determine how much energy you have every single day. One major component of your metabolic health is weight control. Being overweight or obese can lead someone to having a higher risk for type II diabetes and heart disease. Another aspect of metabolic health is one’s level of fitness and their cardiovascular function. It can affect someone’s physical activity, sleep quality and their ability to maintain a healthy weight.

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Understanding autoimmune conditions

A person can have an autoimmune condition or a digestive issue, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac Disease, thyroid disease, and Crohn’s disease. On top of that, they can have a neurological condition, such as multiple sclerosis. A person could have all three at the same time! How can that be? Actually, this is very common and it is called a comorbidity.

There are several types of comorbidities, but for those with chronic illness, autoimmune conditions and digestive diseases often go together. For example: Someone could have two autoimmune conditions or one autoimmune condition plus Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). In some cases the brain and gut issues may be related to each other as well as linked to autoimmunity. This interaction between allergies/autoimmunity and the gut is fascinating, but not well understood.

A person with an autoimmune condition has a compromised immune system that causes their body to attack itself, which can lead to chronic inflammation in the body. According to Dr. Michael Gershon , chairman of pathology at Columbia University Medical Center, ” The immune system normally protects us from invaders like bacteria and viruses, but when it turns on its own cells or tissues that it supposedly shouldn’t be attacking – this is what we call autoimmunity .” Autoimmune conditions are considered rare because they affect 5-10% of the population. However, recently scientists have become more interested due to increasing rates of autoimmune illnesses .They are now trying to understand why autoimmune diseases are becoming so common in the West and how environmental factors contribute to autoimmune conditions.

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There are 3 critical steps to our trust your gut product

At Integral Wellness Co., our team believes that healing your gut can help you manage a lot of common chronic illnesses, without the need to rely on medications.

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The Core Factor

A key factor that can reverse aging, neutralize stress and barricade disease is being ignored.


The Discovery No Guess Test

Anyone should be able to eliminate the guess work by doing one simple test that many other people may not even realize is an option.


Advanced Nutrition

The proper nutrition that will help kickstart your your health.

What is our trust your gut product?

Reversing the aging process, neutralizing stress, balancing hormones and barricading disease naturally might sound like a fantasy but it is actually reality. In today’s world of information overload on health & wellness topics from the internet to magazines or even tips by friends can make you overwhelmed trying to find out what are some good ways following your doctor’s recommendations.

A healthy gut means a happy life. Our chiropractic team can provide a Trust Your Gut Product that will help you establish a plan and track your progress to reach optimal health.