Trust Your Gut: How We Can Help

Woman eating a healthy meal to promote gut health

Researchers estimate that 96% of people living with chronic diseases are suffering due to an invisible illness. If you are among those suffering from an unexplained chronic disease, it could be due to leaky gut syndrome. For more information on leaky gut syndrome, read our previous post, “Trust Your Gut.”

If you are ready to make a change, we can help! We have a three-step program that removes harmful toxins, reduces inflammation, and helps heal your intestinal lining. Our goal is for you to be the healthiest version of yourself possible.

The first stage is to heal your gut. We eliminate any food sensitivities, parasites, and causes of inflammation. This gives the gut time to rest and a chance to heal. Once the gut begins to heal, we focus on bringing the gut lining back to its healthy, sealed state.

The second stage is to destress your gut. The gut lining has suffered damage due to inflammation and irritation. Although it is healing and sealed, it must be cleansed and renewed. In this stage, it is imperative to reduce any stress on the gut. This includes removing toxins and heavy metals. For detoxing and purification to be successful, it must occur after the gut seals. Detoxes are not always successful if done out of order.

The third stage is to restore your gut. In this phase, we work to add back in the good while keeping out the bad. We focus on rebuilding the gut’s natural microbiome by introducing a healthy diet with acidifying factors. Next, we work to balance good bacteria by incorporating probiotics. And finally, we add unique supplements you can’t find anywhere else to strengthen and restore the lining.

Throughout this program, we will provide resources, dietary tips, and healthy lifestyle changes to help you reach your goal. We’ll also guide you in reducing specific stress factors and adding key healing practices to your daily life. These changes require discipline but can drastically improve your quality of life!

If you are ready to stop suffering and looking for gut help Johnson City Tennessee, contact us today. Your wellbeing matters. We can help you hit your goals!


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