Chiropractic Vs. Surgery

Low back pain is one of the leading causes of disability all over the world, causing financial and physical stress to those it affects. It’s important to think about all facets of pain, such as the areas affected, the source, and the depth; patients in pain need care plans that meet their needs for all areas affected, and neurologically based chiropractic care can help determine and treat pain at its source.

Suffering from back pain can be quite the challenge! Research has shown that patients with low back pain can benefit from not only surgery, but chiropractic care as well. Out of 67 patients with low back pain and over a period of two years, 41 suffered from low back pain for more than a year, and 12 had already been through a spinal surgery. After time and repetition of chiropractic care, these patients saw a 23% improvement in back pain after only one week of care. That number rose to 47% after one month!

People in pain need a solution, and neurologically based chiropractic care gives more than a “quick fix”; it gives the patient time to heal.

“I was ready for an answer without drugs or surgery.”

I have scoliosis and reverse cervical lordosis. I have struggled with both for years. I have had lots of tightness and pain in my neck, shoulders and back. In the last year it was severe, to the point of resorting to surgery if needed. I tried orthopedic shots but those only lasted for a few months till the pain came back. I also tried medications which helped but it didn’t heal the problem. I had my doubts about chiropractic care helping but I was ready to try anything. Thank God I said yes because after three years of pain I noticed 60% of relief after three visits. My first impression of the office and Dr. Micheal was God sent. I was looking for an answer without surgery or drugs. As time went on a lot of things got better. Sometimes the pain would move but resolve quickly. I have multiple family members who started coming as well. They have seen positive results and have experienced better sleep and mobility. The office is so encouraging, and they work well with my schedule. I would definitely recommend neurologically based chiropractic care to anyone who is wanting to give their body a chance to heal.

– Rachel

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