Most of us know that prevention is much easier than repair.  Especially when we’re young, we can easily forget how important our posture is and the affect it can have in adulthood. Posture plays a vital role in  back pain and other types of dysfunction that can happen down the road.


Neurologically based chiropractic care has the ability to help prevent problems before they even occur.  Research shows that chiropractic care improves posture, therefore aiding in lowering the probability of back pain in the future. Less subluxation of the spine equals better quality of life and the ability to do  what we love without the distraction of pain.


Everyone at some point plays video games, looks down at a phone, has to sit for long periods at a computer, or stand for long periods at work. Wear and tear is inevitable, but getting adjusted gives relief to the dysfunction that’s bound to happen.





“After his first visit Carson’s neck was relaxed!”


For years, Carson suffered with a stiff neck and an awkward upper-body sway as he walked.  He never enjoyed normal childhood activities such as running.  Nothing helped Carson until his parents understood that neurologically based chiropractic care works to remove nerve interference which affects the whole body.  Josh and Maria were willing to try anything for their 12-year-old son and started bringing Carson in regularly for adjustments.  After his first visit, his neck was relaxed. A stiff neck was all Carson ever knew up until this point.  After the second visit, he absolutely lost the sway in his upper body! Carson’s family is seeing amazing results in the way his body is functioning under regular chiropractic care.

“We recommend chiropractic care!”

“Chiropractic care has been well explained by Dr. Micheal and his staff, especially regarding cause, effect, and outcome.  Down the road, Carson will avoid medication and possible surgery by having this corrected.”

-Josh, Maria, & Carson



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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects more than 10% of children and often continues into adulthood.  Studies have shown that ADHD can stem from a non-adaptive nervous system.  These misfires between the brain and body can cause many challenges, including behavior, focus, emotional turmoil, forgetfulness, and lack of sleep. Many patients manage their condition with medication, although current studies are investigating how the adaptability of the autonomic nervous system can better help those who struggle with ADHD.


Misalignment in the spine can cause further dysfunction and neurological disconnection.  Neurologically based chiropractic care helps to restore proper function by remedying subluxation, which is the interference of the nervous system due to spinal misalignment.  A better functioning nervous system means better overall health, and without subluxation, our bodies can function the way God intended!



“I thought it would help some, but I never imagined it would help as much as it has!”


For most of my life, I’ve suffered with ADHD. I’ve taken many different types of medication, but nothing was helping me. My wife and I met Dr. Micheal at a health fair and he spoke with us about how with Neurologically Based Chiropractic care, our bodies would start to function better. After a few months of adjustments with Dr. Micheal, I was able to go off the Ritalin and Adderall I was on, and I’m doing great now! Through time and repetition, Neurologically-Based Chiropractic adjustments have helped me sleep better, plus, my low back pain and asthma are gone as well. We love coming to the office, the staff are very professional and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend Dr. Micheal, he’s helped me and my family. -Josh


“Anyone with ADD or ADHD who wants to find an alternative to drugs and chemicals should give this kind of chiropractic care a try!”


I have always had trouble focusing and staying on task, along with trouble sitting still, and general procrastination.  When I was a kid, I took Ritalin and/or Adderall.  This helped, but I did not like the way the medicine made me feel.


I was a bit hesitant when I heard chiropractic care could help with ADD/ADHD, but knew I didn’t want to take medicine again, so I gave it a try.  Anyone with ADD or ADHD who wants to find an alternative to drugs and chemicals should give this kind of chiropractic care a try!  I can see improvement to my ability to focus more and more after each visit.


My back pain was gone within a month; my neck pain was gone within about a month and a half, and my ADHD was noticeable getting better within two visits!  After five visits, my coworkers could notice the change in my behavior as well.


The office is beautiful and inviting, along with the whole Integral Chiropractic Team!

Dr. Micheal breaks everything down in a way that is easy for everyone to understand, which made me feel more comfortable.  I recommend chiropractic care, because taking care of yourself before something becomes a problem is always beneficial.

– Michelle





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We are blessed to live in a time where modern medicine is readily available and often lifesaving!  It is important to remember though that medications do have side effects, and we must weigh the positive and negative effects of using medication.  Many decide to view medication as a priority rather than a last resort.


Acid-suppressive medications and antibiotics are prescribed often to people of all ages to treat several different symptoms. Unfortunately, in infants and younger patients, these drugs often do more harm than good.  Research has found that acid-suppressive medications and antibiotics that were given to infants in the first six months often developed allergic disease, including asthma, allergic rhinitis, anaphylaxis, contact dermatitis, food allergies, medication allergies, and allergic conjunctivitis.  It may be worth the effort to choose a more natural path first, as these medical issues can remain in the body for life!


For example, research supports amazing benefits of chiropractic care for digestive issues in infants such as GERD or reflux. Yes, medication is valuable when absolutely needed – but it shouldn’t necessarily be our go-to every time.  Instead of treating symptoms, chiropractic care creates the healthiest environment so every muscle, cell, organ, and tissue can function as God intended.


At Integral Chiropractic Co., this is Jaden’s story:

Ever since little Jaden was born, he has suffered with having dry, irritated skin with red patches all over his body. It would range from mild to severe where some patches would come and go while others would remain. His pediatrician prescribed steroid creams which resulted in zero results. Nothing helped his skin until his parents understood that neurologically based chiropractic care works to remove nerve interference which affects the whole body, even skin. Ashlee and Josh started bringing Jaden in regularly for adjustments when he was 14 months old. After his first adjustment, his parents noticed the patches started to fade. Then after just his second adjustment, his skin cleared up and seemed as if he had never had eczema before! One month is all it took for Jaden’s parents to know his little body was functioning better by seeing the outward symptoms disappear. Ashlee and Josh see the value in chiropractic care for the whole family. They are under regular care as well and have seen great results for themselves too!