Recurring pain and symptoms can be anything from frustrating to debilitating.  Many patients often have no idea when pain or flareups will occur.  This can be disruptive in our busy lives and potentially cause depression and fear of the unknown.  So how can we predict these flare ups and keep them from happening?

Some patients prefer to just “work through the pain”  or “take it as it comes.”  Maintenance care has been found to be more effective than merely getting adjusted in the presence of symptoms.  Symptoms should not be treated as they come up, but rather work to prevent them from returning.

An important thing about chiropractic care is that consistent time and repetition yields the best results. Chiropractic maintenance can help pain not to return in the future.  Research has shown that maintenance care provides a patient with less pain in their life than just getting adjusted when there are symptoms present.  Improving the structure of the spine with chiropractic care can lessen the time and chance of a flare up so patients can enjoy a better quality of life.

Life is not just about being “okay,” but thriving!




At six months into my care, I am walking virtually pain free!


I have one leg shorter than the other, causing a limp, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain and low back pain.  My hips were way out of alignment.  I’m disabled due to this condition, and have suffered with it for 21 years.  My orthopedist has done surgery on my right leg five times, and my physical therapist helped me to walk somewhat normally.


My wife was already a practice member with Dr. Micheal, but I was skeptical about trying chiropractic care to help with my symptoms.  However, I told Dr. Micheal that if my wife saw improvement, I would become a patient.  She improved, I became a patient, and I have nothing but praise for Dr. Micheal, his staff, and God!!!


At six months into my care, I am walking virtually pain free!  My hip, knee, ankle and back pain are almost eliminated completely!  I am walking just about normal with little to no limp.  My wife is being treated for fibromyalgia, back pain, degenerative disc, and sciatic nerve problems, and has seen improvement as well.


I recommend neurologically based chiropractic care with Dr. Micheal!  This unorthodox and different method has improved the quality of my life dramatically!

– Gary



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Neurologically based chiropractic care seeks to get to the root cause of the health concern, not just the surface symptom.  Unfortunately, when pain is severe, it’s difficult to see past just getting the pain to go away.  This rings especially true for patients that suffer with fibromyalgia.


This disorder is a chronic, musculoskeletal  pain that includes sleep issues, anxiety, depression, and memory problems.  Patients with fibromyalgia experience an increased sensitivity to painful stimuli, and research shows that the root of fibromyalgia comes from unbalanced activity in the spinal cord.


Chiropractors have been researching and working with the function of the central nervous system for over 120 years! Neurologically based chiropractic care has been shown to improve the nerve activity that causes fibromyalgia. One study showed that 120 patients who included chiropractic in their treatment for 12 weeks saw greater improvement in their pain and other symptoms than those who didn’t implement chiropractic care.  Those improvements were still present even a year later!


Adding specific, scientific, chiropractic care can help patients regain the freedom, health, and pain free life they wish to live.


“Very impressed with Dr. Micheal. I feel better mentally and physically.”

I’ve had severe pain for years now. I had severe pain in my back, neck, ringing in my ears, chronic fatigue and numbness in my legs, arms and feet. Some days it was hard for me to function properly because of the pain. I would find a temporary fix with physical therapy and I tried seeing an orthopedic doctor, neurologist and rheumatologist. When I first heard of chiropractic care, I was skeptical with the methods of treatment and had my doubts. But overtime, I was satisfied with my progress and started noticing less pain. The office environment is excellent, and the staff is always so joyful and uplifting. My husband started care and has also noticed less pain, improvement in his walking and more energy.
I would most definitely recommend neurologically based chiropractic care to others who are sick, suffering, or in pain. I love the way they educate you so you can understand what they do to help you! – Ginger







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