When we think of chiropractors, we often equate them to helping with back pain alone. However, research has shown time and again how neurologically based chiropractic care can aid in a multitude of pain, as well as functions of the body.  Many children visit the ENT at some point during their early development from ear infections, all the way to hearing loss.

Often, the recommendations include surgically inserting tubes to aid in rectifying the hearing loss.  This procedure is often met with success, but not always.  If subluxation, (misaligned spinal bones) are present in the spine, this puts pressure on the nerves and causes communication between the brain and bodily functions to be distorted or blocked entirely.

Getting adjusted relieves the pressure on the nerves so functions – including hearing – can work at their full capacity.  Studies show that time and repetition of chiropractic care results in improvement in speech, hearing, and academic abilities.

Yes, chiropractic can help with relieving back pain, but the goal is to do so much more by giving the body the ability to function and feel 100%!


“The office is very welcoming and knowledgeable! I love the Christian atmosphere! I’ve also noticed that the dizziness when going from bending over to standing has decreased!”


“I had ear pain/pressure and dizziness for several years even though my ENT said everything looked good and there was no impact on my hearing. I had never seen any chiropractors before and wasn’t sure how it would really help my symptoms. However, the office is very welcoming and knowledgeable! I love the Christian atmosphere! I’ve also noticed that the dizziness when going from bending over to standing has decreased! My husband is also under care for back pain and issues. He feels and functions better, and his back pain has decreased! I would absolutely recommend chiropractic to others who are in pain!”

-Stacy S.



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The goal of neurologically based chiropractic care is to aid the body in healing from the inside out, as well as preventing future issues. Our veterans and active military personnel have one of the most demanding occupations out there, both physically and mentally. Sadly, many veterans are prescribed copious amounts of medication to deal with the repercussions of their profession.

It is extremely common for veterans to deal with a multitude of issues, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse problems.  Thankfully, chiropractic can give these heroes another option. Getting adjusted works to address each problem at the source instead of just temporarily alleviating a symptom.

Research even shows that veterans who received chiropractic adjustments decreased opioid usage within the first month of starting care!  The brave men and women who serve our country deserve the highest respect and honor we can give.  Chiropractic allows them to have less pain, less medication and risk of addiction, and a better quality of life!



“I am progressively feeling and functioning better!”


I have had low back pain and neck pain for years. I tried injections, NSAIDS and other medications to help with the pain. I received little results from the medications and needed to find somewhere that could help. I never doubted that chiropractic care could help. Since starting care at Integral Chiropractic I have progressively felt better, as well as functioned better! I love the new insight Dr. Micheal always gives me. My son receives care in the office as well. I am thankful I started care. I am now off my pain meds and feeling so good.

– Shawn S.






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 Research shows that low back pain affects 84% of the population. Sometimes it’s not always a particular event that causes the pain or dysfunction, but small, daily habits or occurrences that build up over time. Just because we don’t “feel pain” doesn’t mean there’s not underlying issues that need to be addressed.


Besides aiding in alleviating pain and issues in the body, neurologically based chiropractic care provides vitalistic care that prevents future problems as well. The time to start care is not necessarily when you’re older and have a multitude of dysfunction and pain, even though we can see wonderful improvement.  However, The sooner we start care, the better! Countless infants, children, and teens are helped and able to “nip in the bud” many problems that could affect their adulthood.


It is so much easier to prevent problems than fix them, and the same is true with our bodies and chiropractic.



“I am so glad I gave Chiropractic Care a chance!”


I had been struggling with upper back pain and pain down my right arm for weeks. It was very painful, and the pain was always present. I could never seem to find a comfortable position. I was taking Tylenol for it regularly. I had doubts about starting care, but I was willing to try anything versus taking pain medication. I am so glad I gave chiropractic care a chance. Within three adjustments my pain was a lot better; after a month, the pain was completely gone! I feel great! I am also sleeping better and have much more energy. Everyone in the office is genuinely nice, personable, knowledgeable and professional. They truly treat you like you’re family. They care about your health and your wellbeing. I would definitely recommend chiropractic care; I enjoy every visit!


– Carole K.




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Our nervous system is a miraculous structure, controlling every muscle, cell, organ, and tissue in our entire body. The brain stem extends from the brain,  passing through the very top spinal bone called the “atlas” bone and turning into the spinal cord.


Subluxation is interference in the spine that puts pressure on the nerves. This causes not only aches and pains in the body, but dysfunction to integral organs and functions in the body. Removing an atlas subluxation can help alleviate pain in the head or neck, and anywhere else in the spine as well.  Neurologically based chiropractic adjustments are gentle and specific enough to alleviate misalignments in the spine, allowing for optimal communication from the brain to the spinal cord so that the body can feel and function at its best.


In  Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan who held the heavens upon his shoulders. Our own Atlas works much the same way!  The spine – and even before that, the atlas – is the gateway to health.



“Over the past year, the symptoms and issues I initially had have improved. My headaches are almost non-existent!”


Becky suffered with headaches and tingling/numbness in her arms and fingers for many years. “The headaches would get pretty severe, and the numbness and tingling in my arms and fingers would interfere with my work. I saw my doctor for headaches but didn’t find any relief. Thankfully, I’ve been able to tell an improvement since coming to Integral. The office is very impressive, warm, welcoming, and God-loving! Over the past year, the symptoms and issues I initially had have improved. My headaches are almost non-existent! My brother and sister-in-law are also under care, and their symptoms and concerns have improved since being seen. I would certainly recommend chiropractic to others!”



“I’ve been able to reduce acid reflux drugs and have no more sciatic pain.”


Sam dealt with sciatic pain, blood pressure issues, and knee pain for two years, even having to have a knee replacement. “The pain was moderate, but enough to cause discomfort. Chiropractic care has been very helpful for me. I’ve been able to reduce acid reflux drugs and have no more sciatic pain. The progress was slow at first, but the pain disappeared after six months.  I generally felt better in progressive time. My wife now also is under care for back pain. The experience has been great, and the staff is always friendly. I know that they care for our physical health.”

-Sam L.




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Countless patients deal with a difficult recovery process, whether it be from an illness, injury, or surgery. Studies show that often after dealing with sickness such as cancer, the body is still in a “fight or flight” mode, causing the patient many of the same symptoms that they had during their illness.

Unfortunately, just because the current malady is gone, if the body is still in “fight or flight mode,” it’s not really getting any stronger or adapting the way it needs to.  This can cause many other health issues as well. One way to improve our recovery times is to remove nerve interference from the spine.  Chiropractic allows us to progress our adaptability, which gives us the strength to handle any stress, from chemical, physical, to mental.

Recovery will always take time to heal, but neurologically based chiropractic care allows our bodies to heal the way they are supposed to and generally in less time in comparison to people who choose to not get adjusted during recovery. Removed subluxation increases communication between the brain and body via the spinal cord so all systems can recover and function optimally!



“I have felt better than any given time since my accident since starting care!”


Six years ago, I shattered both my C5 and C6. I had to have surgery and fragments of the shattered disk had to be removed from the spinal fluid. My symptoms were: high blood pressure, vomiting, left arm pain and numbness in thumb of hand. The surgery recovery was a long process. I got prescribed medications post-surgery and sent to physical therapy. The symptoms persisted after six years. I was excited to try to receive care at Integral Chiropractic because I preferred the technique they utilized when adjusting compared to hand manipulation. I was overly impressed with the staff kindness and everything is kept clean and tidy. As of Sept 2020, I have felt better than any given time since my accident! I would recommend Chiropractic Care to others! They are patient and caring. I am thankful for the love they have for the Lord and that they genuinely want to help you get better!

– Amy T.




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Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or acid reflux affects 65% of infants and countless adults as well.  Some may eat certain foods for special events, knowing they may regret it later, or choose to avoid those foods altogether! Many patients resort to medication to alleviate symptoms, but sometimes even that doesn’t totally take away the discomfort and unfortunately it usually does not alleviate the cause of the problem.


Studies have shown that deterioration in the lumbar spine is linked to causing reflux! Therefore, patients with deteriorated spinal alignment in the lumbar region are more likely to develop reflux at some point in their lives.  Improving the spinal structure improves digestive function as well.  Neurologically based chiropractic adjustments allow the spinal cord and brain to be able to communicate correctly so all of our systems, including the digestive system, can function as they should.


Instead of avoiding food and cuisine we really enjoy, or suffering after every meal, neurologically based chiropractic care allows us the possibility of eradicating the issue at the source!


“I’ve been able to reduce acid reflux drugs and have no more sciatic pain.”


Sam dealt with sciatic pain, blood pressure issues, and knee pain for two years, even to the point of having to have a knee replacement. “The pain was moderate, but enough to cause discomfort. Chiropractic care has been very helpful for me. I’ve been able to reduce acid reflux drugs and have no more sciatic pain. The progress was slow at first, but the pain disappeared after six months.  I generally felt better in progressive time. My wife is also under care for back pain. The experience has been great, and the staff is always friendly. I know that they care for our physical health.”

-Sam L.


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Panic attacks, anxiety, and depression affect countless youth, teens, and adults. It is vital that we consider and do our best to take care of ourselves not just physically, but emotionally as well.  Mental health issues can be caused by past trauma or events, or just overload on the nervous system causing it to not function efficiently and properly. Physical symptoms should also be considered and addressed.  Mental health can manifest in physical ways, such as panic attacks, headaches, or irregular heart palpitations.


Our nervous system controls everything in our entire body, so if nerve interference is present, it’s no wonder we see fluctuations and dysfunction in mental health! Subluxation often allows for inflammation and a decrease in psycho-motor speeds that result in mental health disorders.  Many studies in children and adults have shown that after getting adjusted, patients have experienced less anxiety, less depression, fewer anxiety attacks, reduced anxiety medication, better sleep, more energy, and less heart palpitations! All because the nervous system is functioning better and more efficiently from the removal of nerve interference.


It is so important to find the root cause of our mental and physical health concerns instead of just treating symptoms.  We must understand that they are not separate but linked because of our nervous system.


“I was able to stop taking my depression medication!”

For years I struggled with anxiety. On some days, my anxiety was so bad I couldn’t take care of my kids! I had been to a neurologist once, but I felt like they didn’t really hear me out completely. I did have some doubts about chiropractic care because not much has helped me over the years. When I started coming to Integral Chiropractic everyone was very friendly and Dr. Micheal is great! I would recommend chiropractic care to others because I am currently off my depression medication!

– Rachel H.




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The nervous system controls everything in our entire bodies, from pain and relief to every function of our organs. Simple processes such as regular bladder and bowel movements can be difficult if there is subluxation, or misalignments of the spine that put pressure on the nerves.

Patients from infancy to adult commonly suffer with bladder and bowel issues. Several studies have been done on children who would go 4-5 days without a bowel movement that should have been having one at least once a day. Administering laxatives often helps to give immediate relief, but chiropractic aids in correcting the cause at the source.

Removing interference in the spine allows the body to focus on its normal, necessary functions instead of the issues arising from the lack of function.



“We love this office; our family has benefited GREATLY since starting care!”


I had bladder and bowl incontinence for 10 years. I also struggled with mid, upper, and lower back pain, knee pain, heel pain and carpel tunnel! Each area would vary daily with pain levels. I had been to multiple other doctors and the pain was never helped. I had some necessary surgeries which did offer some relief! I had zero doubts that I would see improvement in my health when starting chiropractic care. My bowel constipation has seen improvement lately and my knee pain has also vastly improved! Another benefit to care that I did not expect is seeing such an improvement in my headaches/migraines! I have also had such better sleep; I have been able to stop taking my sleep medication! The whole office is exceedingly kind and professional. I love the Christian atmosphere! We love this office; our family has been greatly benefitted since starting care at Integral Chiropractic!

-Heather H.



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Excessive cases of strep throat, enlarged tonsils, and sickness often lead some patients to having to surgically remove their tonsils.  However, tonsils and adenoids play a huge role in keeping our bodies safe from bacteria and illness.  Large tonsils usually are one of the first warning signs of infection in the body.

Recent studies show a two-year-old girl who got gentle chiropractic adjustments.  She was able to avoid tonsil removal because after a couple months of care, her adenoids and tonsils were no longer becoming enlarged!

Neurologically based chiropractic care corrects nerve interference so the body can function at its full capacity. Our nervous system controls everything, including our immune system. Correcting subluxation addresses the root cause instead of just putting out small fires.


“After getting adjusted, I rarely have sore throats or headaches!”

“I dealt with headaches, knee pain, back pain, IBS, and sore throats for many years. Weekly I would have headaches, sore throats monthly, and this would put me in bed for a few days. I had an appointment to get my tonsils removed but never went. I wasn’t sure if chiropractic would help, but I knew it couldn’t get any worse.

After getting adjusted, I rarely have sore throats or headaches! My back doesn’t hurt, and my knees only hurt when I’m driving for a long period of time. Overall, I have seen a lot of improvement! My entire family now gets adjusted and I would recommend chiropractic to others!
– Katie J.



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Proper sleep is critical to the body’s over all physical and mental health.  This means falling asleep and actually staying asleep without interruptions! Most of our body’s healing and restoration happens while asleep, so other health problems can occur later on if quality, deep sleep isn’t achieved.


Much in a child’s development is affected by adequate rest and sleep. Lack of sleep at any age can result in poor immune health, irritability, brain fog, lack of focus, and less power to heal.


Neurologically based chiropractic helps to remove nerve interference in the spine, allowing the brain and spinal cord to communicate properly for better overall function. One of the first positive changes many practice members notice is better sleep.  Better sleep leads to better mood and better quality of life!


“A good night’s sleep is an unexpected benefit of chiropractic!” 


I slept great again last night! Wow! I did not realize how poorly I had been sleeping, gradually getting less and less sleep at night and feeling tired throughout the day, until I started sleeping well. Praise God! A good night’s sleep is an unexpected benefit of starting chiropractic care. I’m expecting more ‘hidden’ benefits as I continue with Dr. Micheal Bryan.




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